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Blog more, Andy

Probably gonna have to blog more on here. Luckily I’ve got some syndication stuff set up already so could post out to a couple of places if we all bail on twitter.

Tumblr and Mastodon are sure looking attractive again.

Buying random albums

I’m doing a new thing. Now that I’m back working from a co working space once or twice a week, I’m back in town again. This means I’m back browsing record stores.

What I’m doing for this new thing is picking up an album that stands out to me that I previously had no idea existed and buying it. This is how I used to discover new music years ago: buying random CDs. For this, it doesn’t matter if it’s CD or vinyl; if I get a good vibe off it, I buy it, take it home and just listen.

The first album I’ve picked is Scaled and Icy by Twenty One Pilots. When I put the CD in, Apple Music told me it was indie, which made me do a bit of a sigh—I find a lot of indie music to be very bland, like unseasoned chicken. This album is very much not like that though: its a fucking banger! I’m super chuffed.

On to the next one

A letter to my MP

Today, the Metropolitan Police are issuing fines in relation to the illegal gatherings in-and-around Number 10 in 2020 and 2021. I’ve written a letter to my MP asking them to act.

I never voted this MP in. I would rather scoop out my own eyes with a rusty spoon than ever vote Tory. He is, however, our MP and has a duty to represent me and other Tewkesbury constituents.

The letter

Dear Laurence Robertson,

My Name is Andy Bell, a constituent of Tewkesbury. I’m writing to you today to ask you to act on mine, and other Tewkesbury constituent’s behalf.

In May 2020, June 2020, November 2020, December 2020, January 2021 and April 2021, members of staff at Number 10—including the Prime Minister—attended various events that were in breach of the laws introduced in response to COVID-19. These laws prevented not only social gatherings, but people attending funerals, spending the last moments with dying relatives and attending the birth of their children, to name just a few. Mr Robertson, people died alone because of these laws.

On December 1, in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said:

“What I can tell the right hon and learned gentleman is that all guidance was followed completely in No 10.”

On the December 7—also in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said:

“All the guidelines were observed.”

Lastly, on December 8—again, in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said (paraphrased by myself for brevity):

“…all the evidence I can see, people in this building have stayed within the rules…”

As you will be aware, misleading Parliament is in breach of the Ministerial Code. There is an expectation that if a Minister breaches the Ministerial Code, they should resign.

Today, March 29 2022, the Metropolitan Police are issuing fines for breaches of the COVID 19 laws mentioned above. This confirms that rules were broken in-and-around Number 10, meaning that the Prime Minister misled parliament. It is likely that the Prime Minister themselves will be presented with a fine, which could be argued, is another breach of the Ministerial Code; especially as the Minister in question—along with MPs—is responsible for the law that they broke (if fined).

As a constituent of Tewkesbury, I expect you—our MP—to act on our behalf. I request that you do everything that is in your power as an MP and a member of the Conservative Party to ensure that this breach of the Ministerial Code results in the resignation of the Prime Minister. At the very least, I expect you to deliver a letter of no confidence to the 1922 Committee of Conservative Backbenchers.

I look forward to hearing how you have acted as our MP in response to this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Bell

Taking it slow

Since January I’ve done back-to-back projects with no breather and bloody hell, I’m tired. The last one that ended on Friday was especially—shall we say—challenging and it’s because of that, I’m having a very easy going week.

I signed up for a co-working space in Cheltenham because 2 years since I last had some space (a hired office then), I’m a bit fed up of working at home every day. I am and always will be extremely into remote working, but remote doesn’t mean at home. It to me, means being completely flexible and having a bit of space away from home does exactly that.

I also managed to finally put a better landing page for my new agency—Set Creative Studio—together. I just haven’t had time to do the full site yet and I wanted the branding that I put so much work into, get some better representation. It was fun to do some creative front-end, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I’m just pootling around with some bits and pieces this week—like playing with my music catalogue site—and enjoying the incoming nicer weather. I am determined not to over-work like I did last year. Never again.