What Andy Listened To – Issue #4

This issue is teeming with emo and and heavy goodness to fill your ear-holes with. Thanks to the recent new Thrice album, I’ve done a full hand-brake turn into emo-land. It was a matter of time, frankly, so let’s dig in.

Let It Enfold You

Senses Fail – 2004 | emo

Let It Enfold You album cover

I’ve got you an absolutely iconic album here that was at the foundation of the best emo years. I managed to snag a copy of this on vinyl recently too, which is a double win. The album’s namesake track, “Let It Enfold You” is likely some of the most hilariously whiny, emo lyrics you will ever hear too.

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You

Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes – 2017 | emo

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You album cover

Speaking of Sense Fail: imagine what would happen if you put members of Finch with the Senses Fail vocalist, Buddy Nielsen. Well, imagine no more, because that is exactly what this band are and frankly, I fucken love it.


Eskimo Callboy – 2020 | party metalcore, post-hardcore

MMXX EP cover

This sorta breaks the rules of this blog, but whatever: YOLO. This EP is great fun and reminds me of “The Hell”, quite a bit. I described it in the music Discord I run as, “If BMTH and Enter Shikari were to have a baby, it would sound like this” and I still can’t think of a better explainer.

Other emo treats

I’ve also been listening to my favourite Taking Back Sunday album, “Where You Want To Be”, which is also, iconic. It would also be rude of me not to recommend my favourite Finch album, too: give “Say Hello To Sunshine” a listen. It went down like a cup of cold sick with a lot of “die-hard” Finch fans when it launched, but I personally think it’s their all-time best album.

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