Taking it slow

Since January I’ve done back-to-back projects with no breather and bloody hell, I’m tired. The last one that ended on Friday was especially—shall we say—challenging and it’s because of that, I’m having a very easy going week.

I signed up for a co-working space in Cheltenham because 2 years since I last had some space (a hired office then), I’m a bit fed up of working at home every day. I am and always will be extremely into remote working, but remote doesn’t mean at home. It to me, means being completely flexible and having a bit of space away from home does exactly that.

I also managed to finally put a better landing page for my new agency—Set Creative Studio—together. I just haven’t had time to do the full site yet and I wanted the branding that I put so much work into, get some better representation. It was fun to do some creative front-end, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I’m just pootling around with some bits and pieces this week—like playing with my music catalogue site—and enjoying the incoming nicer weather. I am determined not to over-work like I did last year. Never again.

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