Sitting ducks for AI automation

I tell you what, with so-called “AI” getting better and better at slinging code, I’d certainly be concerned if I was all-in on UI frameworks, because you just know that design implementation is gonna be automated out because it’s “easy”. Same goes for easy-to-automate components built with React/Vue/Whatever.

Yeh, it’s easy to bosh out a bang-average design implementation with frameworks like Tailwind UI, and a bang-average UI with React or whatnot, but the skills to make something great are much higher in the production process and frankly, much harder.

So-called “AI” can’t even get close to automating proper implementation details, quality user experience and well, proper planning, research and critical thinking. That’s what makes great websites, less so the code slinging part and rectangle drawing. That part is just the output of great pre-production work.

My advice would be to skill the heck up on that pre-production stuff, because if you’re part of the design/code sausage factory’s conveyor belt, I think your job safety days are numbered. Do I think that’s fair? Absolutely not — but what I do know is rich people will do anything to get richer, so the time to out-wit them was yesterday.

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