2022 summary

My 2022 year in music dropped on New Year’s day and I’ve finally gotten around to giving it a look today.

I made a conscious effort to scrobble more last year, hooking it up with Spotify, Mac and using Open Scrobbler to scrobble vinyl listening. It’s made a big difference because my scrobbles were up 47% vs last year. A tidy 12,785 scrobbles!

A timeline chart showing my listening trends for genres. I'll go in detail later in the post, but rock and hip hop feature the most
My listening trends for genre

The thing I’m most interested in though, is my listening trends—especially with genre. I have a very eclectic taste in music, but hip-hop and rock-based genres underpin it.

What’s interesting about the genres—when I look back over what I was doing in the year—is that I tend to lean into rock/metal and post-hardcore when I’m generally in a bad mood. The first three months last year were fucking hard work and I was on a particularly awful project, so this checks out. A lol addition of Disney in January there too, which is probably when I was obsessively listening to the Encanto soundtrack (a certified banger).

Hip-hop has definitely featured the most over the year—especially that heck-of-a-run from May to September. I’d definitely say I’ve enjoyed hip-hop the most last year and as far as 2023 goes, that’s staying too.

I’m making another conscious effort to listen to more music this year too, so it’ll be interesting to see what changes in my 2023 year in music.

You can see the whole run-down here.

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