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I see a lot of folks want to write more but struggle with how long it takes. I get it, a super detailed post takes hours of work. Especially when you’re building demos and stuff.

You don’t always have to do that, though. Take this latest post on my blog about text-decoration. It took about 25 mins to put together, proof-read and publish.

This isn’t in any way a brag though. What I’m trying to say is that if you pick some low hanging fruit or something real simple, you can get posts out quick. Get a lot of posts out quick, and suddenly you’re more confident in your writing, you’ve got some momentum and you get quicker.

Suddenly, the prospect of writing a big ol’ detail post becomes less daunting.

I learned this from the school of Chris Coyier. CSS-Tricks was one of the first blogs I really enjoyed reading back in the old days because Chris’ writing style is clear and to the point. He keeps his language really simple too, which I try damn hard to do the same.

Doing that also speeds you up and makes posting less daunting.

P.S if you think “no one will want to read my posts”, you’re wrong, because I do. If you think “X has already written about that, so I can’t”, then also, no, I want to hear your perspective, as do us all!

P.P.S if you think “I need a new blog” or “I don’t have a blog”, then first, look at the state of mine. I couldn’t have made it simpler if I tried. If you need something that’s plug and play: get this banger 11ty theme on the go, or get one of these banger 11ty themes on the go.

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