Buying random albums

I’m doing a new thing. Now that I’m back working from a co working space once or twice a week, I’m back in town again. This means I’m back browsing record stores.

What I’m doing for this new thing is picking up an album that stands out to me that I previously had no idea existed and buying it. This is how I used to discover new music years ago: buying random CDs. For this, it doesn’t matter if it’s CD or vinyl; if I get a good vibe off it, I buy it, take it home and just listen.

The first album I’ve picked is Scaled and Icy by Twenty One Pilots. When I put the CD in, Apple Music told me it was indie, which made me do a bit of a sigh—I find a lot of indie music to be very bland, like unseasoned chicken. This album is very much not like that though: its a fucking banger! I’m super chuffed.

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