Bring Back Blogging

I really like this post by Chris Coyier (@[email protected]):

This part specifically caught my attention:

Maybe “publish your own feed” is a better framing. “Own your RSS.” A feed doesn’t care what it contains. It is content-style agnostic. It’s just timestamped HTML, in a way. Put some audio in it, and it’s a podcast. A feed could be exactly what you would have tweeted before tweeting became cringe.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to post here first then syndicate out, ongoing. A blocker for me has always been feeling like a have to write a full post, but I should just write short little notes too.

I had this site setup to set the title as the current date if there was no title before to get over the other blocker: thinking of a title. I wonder if there’s a way WordPress could that that automatically 🤔

I really like the idea of a feed-like homepage, like Adam’s. It’s got me thinking of doing similar.

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