2024, the year of CSS education

I’ve had [checks notes] around a year off from writing CSS education stuff. In fact, Learn CSS is over 2 years old at this point. Every Layout is over 4 years old 🫥

Sure, I’ve done a couple of articles here and there, but it’s about time I got stuck into something chunky again.

Here’s some stuff that’s coming up in 2024:

  1. I’m doing a SmashingConf workshop: Scalable CSS Masterclass
  2. I’m working right now on a brand new course, again, about producing better CSS in the real world
  3. I’m working on a talk — you guessed it — on the same thing

CUBE is getting new shoes

We’re redesigning the CUBE CSS site at Set Studio in 2024 and we want to hear from you, regardless of whether you’re an avid CUBE CSS fan or have never even considered authoring your CSS with CUBE CSS.

The aim is to produce something truly special that will help everyone write better CSS, so a few minutes of your time to complete our survey could have a huge impact. You can see that survey here.

How you can help me produce better content

I’ve been doing this thing a long time and have seen a lot of stuff in those long years, so I’ve developed plenty of strategies to improve CSS authoring based on that.

What I would like to hear about though is what you find tough, writing CSS in the real world. I’m always open to getting emails at [email protected] or you can reach me in various other places, linked up here.

Wrapping up

I’ve already got started writing, but the difference is this time, I’ve got the support of the amazing staff at Set Studio. Trust me, you’re gonna be mind blown at the ideas we already have for all of the above. It’s just down to me to write content that matches the quality of the platforms and design treats the Set gang are working on.

If you want me to speak at your conference too, drop me an email: [email protected]

Time to get cracking ✍️

👋 Hello, I’m Andy and this is my little home on the web.

I’m the founder of Set Studio, a creative agency that specialises in building stunning websites that work for everyone and Piccalilli, a publication that will level you up as a front-end developer.

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