1st March at 10:39

It’s easy to look smart and dunk on NFT from the ivory tower of Twitter and it’s a real societal failing if creatives have to lean into technology that’s fundamentally flawed and terrible for the planet to get paid for what they do.

We should be dunking on copyright laws, media laws and capitalism: not the people having to approach surviving from a different angle. Creative works are fundamentally de-valued which is not only criminal, but why when an opportunity to actually get paid turns up: creatives jump at it.

Sure, rich boys will exploit this as a get even richer scheme but yelp, wait until you look at the tax system.

Art and culture are what define us a humans: not “haha business” and GDP. It’ll be all that’s left when we’re gone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about NFT for a while and struggling to articulate my thoughts but I guess here they are. I’m already really bored of the hype around NFT, but I’m not gonna take it out on folks trying to get by.