What Andy Listened To – Issue #3

I’ve had my head down a lot this week, so not listened to loads of music, but I have listened to a lot of hip hop (no surprises). We also have a new release I have been very eagerly waiting for.  

Horizons / East

Thrice – 2021 | post-hardcore, alternative rock

Horizons / East album cover

Thrice are my favourite band, so I’ve been waiting for this to come out. It’s a shame it’s been such a busy week because when new Thrice albums come out, I like to listen to their entire discography in order (not the alchemy index though lol).

This record sees Thrice evolve even more. They started of very much as a hardcore punk / post hardcore band and over the years have gotten a hell of a lot more melodic—almost post-rock—while keeping a massive sound. They’re ace, this album is ace and you should listen to it.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Little Simz – 2021 | hip hop

Soem I might be introvert album artwork

This album blew my fucking socks off. I spotted it on Apple Music because a few pals were listening to it and I’m so glad I did. I mentioned how much I love British hip-hop and the grim scene in a previous issue, so this was always going to hit the spot for me.

It’s a masterpiece and I think it’s gonna mop up the awards.

If You Can’t Join ‘Em… Beat ‘Em

DJ Format – 2005 | hip hop, turntablism

DJ Format is a music-making machine and I’ve been a big fan of this album since it came out. It sends me back to one of my favourite ever summers—2005, when I was just turning 18, finally being done with school and frankly, doing a lot of “extra curricular” activities and loving it.

Regardless of your music tastes, I can guarantee you will enjoy this. The raps by Abdominal (Format’s long-time collaborator) and D-Sisive are exquisite too.

Other albums worth a mention

I’ve been listening to Qveen Herby’s, A Woman a bit again this week. She’s not only a great rapper, but her singing voice is massive. There’s some real nice production on there too.

Special mention to Roots Manuva with Run Come Save Me. I’ll never forget seeing Roots Manuva at Leeds Fest in ’05. It was lunch time when he played but I don’t think I’ve ever boogied so hard in my life.

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