What Andy Listened To – Issue #1

This is the first ever issue of this feature and we have some top notch albums this week.

The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore

Saxon Shore – 2005 | post rock, ambient, instrumental

The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore cover

This one has been a regular on my radar since it came out. I used to listen to it to wind down when I was at Uni after—shall we say—one-too-many “beers”. This album also got me through the worst part of now, permanent tinnitus.

My favourite track is and will forever be, “Silence Lends A Face To The Soul”. It’ll absolutely crush you—in a good way.

Heavy Is The Head

Stormzy – 2019 | hip hop, rap, grime

Heavy Is The Head album cover

Whenever British music is mentioned, people often immediately mention The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or something like Led Zeppelin. I think Stormzy represents Britain better than all of those though—especially today’s fractured, broken, failed state, which—using his frankly, superb, lyrics—he documents perfectly. The production on this album is outstanding too. Stormzy is just a super nice lad, too.

My Favourite track is probably “Pop Boy”. It’s got a hell of a heavy beat.

Cult Drugs

Blood Command – 2017 | punk, post-hardcore

Cult Drugs album cover

This will blow your socks off, like a spicy curry. This band are loud as hell and the outrageously powerful vocals from Silje Tombre are perfection. She’s definitely one of my favourite punk/hardcore vocalists, for sure. Top track for me is definitely the last track: “(The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds”.

Other albums worth a mention

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into Konnichiwa by Skepta this week, along with various EPs by June Jissle. Definitely check out A Celebration Of Endings by Biffy Clyro too.

I listed to Kanye West’s new Album, Donda, this week and frankly, it’s self-indulgent shit that’s clearly not even finished yet. To cleanse that, I went back and listened to my two favourite Kanye albums: The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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