Learn Eleventy From Scratch Turns 2

Two years ago today, I published Learn Eleventy From Scratch. It was the first course I made and it blew me away how popular it ended up being.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was kind enough to buy a copy of the course. I wanted to teach people not just Eleventy, but also, how to build a really nice looking website, well. I think I achieved that and even though I no longer maintain or update the course, I made it free to everyone last year, to expand that reach and to help as many people as possible learn how to build great websites.

Eleventy has changed so much since I released the course—always for the better. I’m so glad I backed Eleventy when I did. I saw almost straight away that it was going to be a fantastic tool that would evolve in the right way. So much so, it came straight off the tech tool carousel when it arrived. This is because it’s clearly web-first and rooted in performance.

Big thanks to everyone that helped me put the course together. Special thanks to Amy Hupe who edited the content. She not only did a great job of turning my nonsense writing into something very easy to consume, but she also dragged me through the most difficult part of the writing process when I was questioning whether or not I could even finish it. Nice one, Amy.

Will I work on that course again? Who knows, maybe. The way I build websites is near enough the same, but I also build a lot less websites now. Instead, I now run Set Studio, where my time doing production work gets slimmer and slimmer (because way more talented people than me do it instead). Maybe in the future, though, I’ll fire it all back up and modernise the course to feature all the fantastic features Zach and the team have added over the last couple of years. Maybe I’ll just start from scratch, featuring the evolution of how we at Set, build extremely flexible front-ends.

You will be happy—and no doubt—not surprised that Eleventy is almost always used on Set Studio projects and almost certainly will continue to do so. That’s why we continue to help fund the project!

I’ll close out with this: always—and I can’t stress this enough—back Eleventy.

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