I’m doing a new talk and looking to do it at more events

I’m well under way writing my new talk for this year called “Iteration: a strategy for optimising UX for everyone”. It’s a much different talk than what I’ve done previously over the last few years. Usually I talk about CSS!

This new talk is more in line with what I do in my role, running an agency. I reckon in the last 12 months I could probably count the amount of times I’ve written CSS on one or two hands, so it feels right to move back to a more design focused talk subject now. I am a designer by trade after all.

What’s it about?

This is the outline that’s currently published on Web Summer Camp‘s upcoming event:

The market share of mobile devices and small screens is huge and ever-growing while large screen’s share continues to decline. Even with this data, productions teams still work desktop-down, often only testing on high spec machines with fast internet connections.

In this session, we’re going to look at how important products let users with small screens and slow connections down and how a thorough pre-production phase — using an iterative approach — can result in a simpler production phase, a solid roadmap and most importantly, a resilient, quality user experience for everyone.

The fun part is, I’m not telling the whole truth in that outline because I’ve got some surprising data to share with you. The over-arching theme of “you really have no idea what device size, device capability or viewport will visit your site” is very true though, and I’ll be running through a hypothetical client project to show you how you can use that fact as a basis for designing an excellent user experience that works for everyone.

I want to do this at more events!

Are you looking for speakers for you conference? I’d love to speak if that’s the case. I especially would love to speak at more design-focused events too. I’m also more than happy to go through a CFP process.

So far, I’m doing Web Summer Camp and Fronteers. Both are great events that you should definitely get tickets for.

If you want to chat more about me possibly speaking at your event, drop me an email at andy@set.studio.

Hope to catch you at a conference!

p.s this is the one I did last year

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