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What Andy Listened To – Issue #4

This issue is teeming with emo and and heavy goodness to fill your ear-holes with. Thanks to the recent new Thrice album, I’ve done a full hand-brake turn into emo-land. It was a matter of time, frankly, so let’s dig in.

Let It Enfold You

Senses Fail – 2004 | emo

Let It Enfold You album cover

I’ve got you an absolutely iconic album here that was at the foundation of the best emo years. I managed to snag a copy of this on vinyl recently too, which is a double win. The album’s namesake track, “Let It Enfold You” is likely some of the most hilariously whiny, emo lyrics you will ever hear too.

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You

Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes – 2017 | emo

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You album cover

Speaking of Sense Fail: imagine what would happen if you put members of Finch with the Senses Fail vocalist, Buddy Nielsen. Well, imagine no more, because that is exactly what this band are and frankly, I fucken love it.


Eskimo Callboy – 2020 | party metalcore, post-hardcore

MMXX EP cover

This sorta breaks the rules of this blog, but whatever: YOLO. This EP is great fun and reminds me of “The Hell”, quite a bit. I described it in the music Discord I run as, “If BMTH and Enter Shikari were to have a baby, it would sound like this” and I still can’t think of a better explainer.

Other emo treats

I’ve also been listening to my favourite Taking Back Sunday album, “Where You Want To Be”, which is also, iconic. It would also be rude of me not to recommend my favourite Finch album, too: give “Say Hello To Sunshine” a listen. It went down like a cup of cold sick with a lot of “die-hard” Finch fans when it launched, but I personally think it’s their all-time best album.

What Andy Listened To – Issue #3

I’ve had my head down a lot this week, so not listened to loads of music, but I have listened to a lot of hip hop (no surprises). We also have a new release I have been very eagerly waiting for.  

Horizons / East

Thrice – 2021 | post-hardcore, alternative rock

Horizons / East album cover

Thrice are my favourite band, so I’ve been waiting for this to come out. It’s a shame it’s been such a busy week because when new Thrice albums come out, I like to listen to their entire discography in order (not the alchemy index though lol).

This record sees Thrice evolve even more. They started of very much as a hardcore punk / post hardcore band and over the years have gotten a hell of a lot more melodic—almost post-rock—while keeping a massive sound. They’re ace, this album is ace and you should listen to it.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Little Simz – 2021 | hip hop

Soem I might be introvert album artwork

This album blew my fucking socks off. I spotted it on Apple Music because a few pals were listening to it and I’m so glad I did. I mentioned how much I love British hip-hop and the grim scene in a previous issue, so this was always going to hit the spot for me.

It’s a masterpiece and I think it’s gonna mop up the awards.

If You Can’t Join ‘Em… Beat ‘Em

DJ Format – 2005 | hip hop, turntablism

DJ Format is a music-making machine and I’ve been a big fan of this album since it came out. It sends me back to one of my favourite ever summers—2005, when I was just turning 18, finally being done with school and frankly, doing a lot of “extra curricular” activities and loving it.

Regardless of your music tastes, I can guarantee you will enjoy this. The raps by Abdominal (Format’s long-time collaborator) and D-Sisive are exquisite too.

Other albums worth a mention

I’ve been listening to Qveen Herby’s, A Woman a bit again this week. She’s not only a great rapper, but her singing voice is massive. There’s some real nice production on there too.

Special mention to Roots Manuva with Run Come Save Me. I’ll never forget seeing Roots Manuva at Leeds Fest in ’05. It was lunch time when he played but I don’t think I’ve ever boogied so hard in my life.

What Andy Listened To – Issue #2

It’s been a heavy hip hop week for me this week with a large portion of alternative/party rock, featuring a long overdue listen of a band that continues to make waves.

Ghetto Pop Life

Danger Mouse and Jemini The Gifted One – 2003 | hip hop, rap

Ghetto Pop life album cover

This album consumed a lot of my late-teen/early adulthood life and this week, I managed to land an original 2003 vinyl copy. Danger Mouse is beyond talented and is responsible for some of my favourite albums of all time: namely “The Mouse And The Mask” and “The Grey album”. This album firmly sits up there with those two classics.

What I love the most about this album is Jemini’s flow and lyrics. It’s a masterpiece which is perfectly decorated with Danger Mouse’s stunning production work. My track pick is “The Only One”—it’s super funky.

Fear Of A Black Tangent

Busdriver – 2005 | hip hop, rap

Fear Of a Black Tangent album cover

If you like Blackalicious, you will love Busdriver. He sits so far behind the beat (a bit like Jay-Z) that a lot of the time, he feels out of time, but I love that. The beats on this album are supremely good too.

My track pick is “Unemployed Black Astronaut”. It’s actually one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time.  


Don Broco – 2018 | alternative rock, party rock

Technology album cover

For the longest time, I’ve been aware of the hype surrounding Don Broco—people fuckin’ love them—but I’ve never actually listened to them. I saw some footage of them absolutely owning it at Leeds/Reading and decided to finally get into them and holy shit, I’ve been missing out.

Like, this stuff isn’t super special by any stretch, but it’s just really enjoyable to listen too. Music doesn’t have to be critically acclaimed to be good: as long as you enjoy it and this album is exactly that for me. The guitar tone on this album is bloody outrageous too.

Other albums worth a mention

I also managed to land a copy of The Vertigo Of Bliss by Biffy Clyro on vinyl which is a must-listen because that album and Infinity Land are in my opinion, were when Biffy were at their best. You should give Curious Electric (extended EP) by Proceed a go too. That’s some lovely, melodic rock stuff right there.

What Andy Listened To – Issue #1

This is the first ever issue of this feature and we have some top notch albums this week.

The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore

Saxon Shore – 2005 | post rock, ambient, instrumental

The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore cover

This one has been a regular on my radar since it came out. I used to listen to it to wind down when I was at Uni after—shall we say—one-too-many “beers”. This album also got me through the worst part of now, permanent tinnitus.

My favourite track is and will forever be, “Silence Lends A Face To The Soul”. It’ll absolutely crush you—in a good way.

Heavy Is The Head

Stormzy – 2019 | hip hop, rap, grime

Heavy Is The Head album cover

Whenever British music is mentioned, people often immediately mention The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or something like Led Zeppelin. I think Stormzy represents Britain better than all of those though—especially today’s fractured, broken, failed state, which—using his frankly, superb, lyrics—he documents perfectly. The production on this album is outstanding too. Stormzy is just a super nice lad, too.

My Favourite track is probably “Pop Boy”. It’s got a hell of a heavy beat.

Cult Drugs

Blood Command – 2017 | punk, post-hardcore

Cult Drugs album cover

This will blow your socks off, like a spicy curry. This band are loud as hell and the outrageously powerful vocals from Silje Tombre are perfection. She’s definitely one of my favourite punk/hardcore vocalists, for sure. Top track for me is definitely the last track: “(The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds”.

Other albums worth a mention

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into Konnichiwa by Skepta this week, along with various EPs by June Jissle. Definitely check out A Celebration Of Endings by Biffy Clyro too.

I listed to Kanye West’s new Album, Donda, this week and frankly, it’s self-indulgent shit that’s clearly not even finished yet. To cleanse that, I went back and listened to my two favourite Kanye albums: The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.