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FFConf 2022

I just bought an early bird ticket for FFConf 2022 https://2022.ffconf.org/. My first real conference as an attendee since the last FFConf in [checks notes] 2019.

Hope to see you there!

Defensive CSS

The one and only, Ahmad Shadeed has launched defensive CSS—an outrageously detailed compendium of excellent CSS techniques to help you build resilient front-ends.

It looks great. Check it out! https://defensivecss.dev/

I hope Johnson doesn’t resign

I really don’t want Boris Johnson to resign after being thumped in by-elections. There’s a massive window of opportunity for a progressive alliance to absolutely wipe the floor with the Tories in a general election now.

We could see the Tories out the of the picture for a generation. Let’s go!