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  • 25th March at 08:39

    I’m glad I’m stepping away from tech and design twitter for a bit. If you’ve sent a message or reply, I’ll get to it when I come back. I’m still on my alt and I’ll follow some pals on it, so keep a look-out 👀

    It seems like I need a quarterly break. I’m also super busy right now and tech twitter dickheads are even less bearable than usual.

    It encourages me to blog too, which I should do more often--not just about CSS and other web stuff.

    The 1 year anniversary of lockdown starting here in the U.K. has affected me more than I thought it would--I’m just super angry. That lockdown should have started much earlier and thousands died as a result. Thousands more have died since too, because at almost every turn, the tories have fucked it up and seemingly focused only on profiteering from a crisis. "Get Brexit done", though, right? FFS.

    Anyway, here’s a shot that sums up that first lockdown. I came here every day and thankfully the weather was nice, a lot of the time.

    I was a ball of stress because clients were pulling budgets and y’know, the pandemic, but this place always seemed to help.

    A lush countryside path in glorious sunshine

  • 24th March at 10:47

    8 years ago, we had a pretty grim electrical fire with our dishwasher and every year, timehop reminds me of it with this grim resulting plug.

    A completely burned out plug

    If I wasn’t fannying around with my espresso machine at the time, it would have undoubtedly turned into a proper house fire. I still wont let the dishwasher run when we’re not at home or at night, even now.

  • 18th March at 20:27

    Let me introduce a couple of terms that we coined in my old agency days because they still make me laugh.

    A wanklet is a completely useless element on a page that does nothing other than satisfy the often ridiculous demands of a difficult stakeholder. A hero slider is a wanklet.

    A tosslet is a lesser wanklet. It’s mostly pointless, but it does potentially provide mild amounts of usefulness. A burger menu is a tosslet.

  • 16th March at 08:32

    My partner and I are the complete opposite to each other. I carefully and methodically maintain a backed-up, collection of plans and notes, to stay organised. She sends me random iMessages with notes, “for later”…

    It works though, to be fair.

  • 15th March at 15:19

    This is absolutely essential reading. Accessibility overlays are snake oil that provide nothing but an awful experience for those that they claim to help and companies like accessiBe are harmful, charlatans.

    Please read and endorse.

  • 15th March at 10:06

    My hearing is finally level again. I’ve had a pretty severe, double ear infection with a perforated ear drum over the last 10 days or so. The pain was bad enough—my partner even said that when she had a perforated ear drum, the pain waves were as bad as childbirth contractions—but the killer for me has been that one ear was more blocked than the other.

    This matters to me because before I succumbed to being a web nerd, I actually used to do a lot of music production and sound engineering. Audio that is even slightly off bothers me a lot, so imagine what one side of my hearing being completely off has been like! I am also extremely into music, so listening to it has been a blag, rather than a joy.

    Thanks to my past life in music, I have permanent tinnitus too which is all I could hear for 3 days. I’ll be honest: that and the pain had me literally crying at points. It was torture.

    Protect your hearing, kids.

  • 14th March at 22:24

    “I hate all of this. To me, the hunger in the crypto world illustrates all the worst things about people: Our greed, our need to "own" things, and our inability to see the bigger picture. But then -- how can’t I be happy for artists who are finally able to pay the bills? Gah! I’m so conflicted!”

    This is pretty much exactly where I am with all the NFT and crypto stuff right now. This a a good read and and very good newsletter/blog:

  • 8th March at 09:06

    It’s a big day in our house today. Our eldest kid goes back to pre-school.

    Sure, we’re nervous—there’s still a lot of COVID-19 cases—but locally, things are much better than the national picture. Our nerves were totally and rightfully put down the priority list as our kid jumped out of bed this morning and sang “I’m going back to pre-school” over-and-over. She’s struggled through this third lockdown.

    To all the other parents who have homeschooled or have had to juggle childcare and demanding jobs: you’re amazing and as you’ll no doubt, understandably, be nervous today—try to enjoy it, too.