2nd April at 07:49

I just got that glorious feeling of opening a physical record—a vinyl. It was Led Zeppelin’s first album.

I was a fanatical music collector, once upon a time. I had a CD collection of over 350 albums! Because it got so hard to find an album I wanted to listen to, I bought one of those massive CD wallets DJs use and put every CD in order.

Proud of this system, I took it to a mate’s so we could listen to some albums. It got late, so I got a taxi home. I left the CD wallet in the taxi. I never saw it again 😭

I’m ashamed to say this is the day I decided I’m going to download Kazaa and pirate music.

I’ve realised recently, I miss having a physical copy of albums, a lot. I like streaming services—currently Apple Music because my collection is too big for Spotify’s arbitrary limits—they’re great for discovery, but artists get paid fuck all. I’m going to either buy a vinyl, cassette or at least go to their bandcamp and download a FLAC of their album instead.

I’m looking forward to getting back into this stuff. I’m not bloody losing it all this time though.

Update: I am cataloging this ever-developing collection. It’s very modest right now, but it’ll get there.