6th March 2021 at 08:50

An oldie but a goodie here from Jeremy Keith:

If one drink feels good, then ten drinks must be better, right?

The context is this 2017 article in response to an intro and justification of Tailwind.

Jeremy touches on something I’ve always been uncomfortable with Tailwind: the limitations of available CSS.

If you are in an environment where people won’t simply create a new utility class every time they want to style something, then you are also in an environment where people won’t create new inline style combinations every time they want to style something.

This was why I made Gorko for generating utility classes after using Tailwind (I must say, successfully) for managing design tokens on a client project. The limiting factor of "we can only generate what the framework creators want us to generate" didn’t really sit well with me back then, although technically, Tailwind near-enough nailed what we needed it to.

Anyway, I’m just enjoying reading Jeremy’s article because it’s the sort of internal response I’ve been having towards stuff like Tailwind and really all frameworks that inevitably become dependencies. Call me biased, but I much prefer a technology agnostic approach like CUBE CSS with a sprinkling of little tools to get the job done.

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