23rd February 2021 at 20:55

I’ve got a personal site again! It’s the old microblog, back doing all the auto-posting to Twitter and stuff, which is cool.

It’s nice to have somewhere to dump little posts about stuff which means I can keep Piccalilli to be “tech only”. As much as I like reading newsletters, I can’t be arsed running the one on substack I was running, either.

I’m trying to keep Twitter at arms-length at the moment. The main site and apps are just too addictive, so I’m just doing what I can to make things more manageable. I wrote about this before in “Hello, I’m Andy and I’m addicted to Twitter”. It looks like I have an annual overload from this stuff maybe.

Also, no more hankchizljaw.com. I’m back using my andy-bell.co.uk domain.

Indieweb FTW.

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