27th April 2020 at 08:33

‪If you write to get lots of views, your posts will probably never be great.‬

‪If you write really good content, though, you’ll achieve the former by proxy. ‬

‪It’s all about patience. So many of my old articles did nothing, but I’m a completely different and much better writer now for persisting.‬

‪I can also link pretty much all success in the web world back to writing. Publishing on my own blog has been endlessly useful too. ‬

‪The blog platforms will get you short term views, sure, but what happens to your hard work when they’re gone? ‬

Lastly: anyone can be a great writer. I did terrible at school, but over the last five or six years, I’ve persisted and improved. You just gotta work at this stuff, like anything else.

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